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Bee Elimination Keego Harbor MI

Spring and summer are the two times of the year when the flora and fauna come to life and spread their seeds as far as they can, with a little assistance from time to time. For those of us with gardens, bees can end up being somewhat of a problem – a necessary insect but an annoyance all the same – and anyone that isn’t a bee keeper can end up on the losing side of a difficult battle with a look-alike for your own home! That’s why we here at A1 Exterminating Services, LLC believe that nature’s little helpers deserve a chance somewhere far away from your house. When we come by for bee eliminations we do everything possible to give any little invader a fighting chance at life by simply driving them away from the nest and away from your home, rather than killing them. There are two main types of insects we deal with using bee elimination techniques around the Keego Harbor area: Bald Faced Hornets and the ever dreaded Yellow-Jackets. Both of these tend to either make their nests either on – or in – your house, and can cause more damage than you originally ever expected! We even deal with Carpenter bees from time to time that can quite literally eat a perfect hole away where it chooses to nest – including your walls. After we come by, all we ask is that you give it a day. Bees will continuously come by their nest’s old location for around 24 hours after their sudden removal; but if they are unlucky enough to not find a new colony soon then they’ll die off all the same. Most people can recall seeing a yellow-jacket at least one point in their lives, but what most people aren’t aware of is how deadly they can be for your walls. This bee look-alike will generally stick outside of the home for the start of their nests, and like the Carpenter Bees eat their way in through the drywall. These can be more of a pain to get rid of as there’s no other route outside of the home except the hole they’ve already made – so there’s occasions where drilling another hole for them has been necessary. In order to ensure they’re not coming back anytime soon, we use a power duster inside of the nest, forcing them out and away. The other invading insect most common around Keego Harbor is the bald faced hornet – a very aggressive nesting wasp that generally sticks to trees. Unfortunately they also tend to use the sides of houses and sheds as well, so they can really ruin a barbeque! These are one type of insect we do not want to keep alive, so our power duster sees some action in order to ensure they die off - and we can remove the nest itself from the walls. When you’ve got an issue like bees or wasps, why run the risk of a company using a ‘kill-all’ chemical, or one that could really care less about your problem? The next time you run into an issue like these, pick up the phone and give us here at A1 Exterminating Services, LLC a call. Not only would we be happy to deal with your issue, we’ll do it right the first time – the right way.

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