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Bed Bugs Keego Harbor MI

Something we’ve all known about for a long time are bed bugs, but we never really end up expecting them to become a part of our daily lives. Those are the things you'll hear about from a friend, or a family member, but never would it happen to us! Unfortunately, life has never been something that goes according to our plans, and when the unexpected does happen, A1 Exterminating Services, LLC in Keego Harbor, Michigan, is here to assure you that everything will be alright. Not only will we completely remove your problem, we ensure it stays that way. From years of study and experience, we know exactly what works, and which techniques end up falling short. That’s exactly why when we go to treat for bed bugs, we don’t use heat treatments; instead, we utilize what’s known as a steam treatment. Our steam treatment technique utilizes a steamer to draw the bed bugs out, forcing them into the light, so to speak, and towards your baseboards. This has proven effective because of the high temperature of the steam, as it kills off any bed bugs that decide to remain and sending the rest away. Second, we place both spray and powder chemicals along the baseboards, to ensure not a single one can make it out to make more. The last part requires a second appointment, and it’s one of the only times we truly suggest it. The insect's eggs are unaffected by the steam; they’re even safe from the chemicals! Only one appointment will rid your problem for a little bit, but when those eggs hatch you’re exactly where you were in the beginning. The best part about our service is that when you pick A1 Exterminating Services, LLC over other services, you’re actually choosing the cheaper option! We’re able to keep it that way because of the system we have in place for bed bug treatments – no one size fits all. The gist of it is that if we see 1-20 of the little things, it’s safe to assume there are around 100 of them; but if we see around 100 - it’s a safe bet to assume you’ve got to deal with approximately 1,000. In the end, we refuse to charge you for a service you’re not getting the full extent of. On top of everything we’ve mentioned before, we do suggest calling around to see what’s truly best for you and your home. While we can guarantee a solution to your problems, we wouldn't be able to guarantee your peace of mind if you don’t trust us to. Call around and see for yourself; we have a history of success and customer service that speaks more for itself than we ever could! If you’re ever around the Keego Harbor area and you need some help with bed bugs, call us today and we'd be more than happy to set up an inspection with you. Remember, although bed bugs can be a giant hassle to remove without the proper knowledge, we’ll always be right here to get things back to normal!

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