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Ants Keego Harbor MI

Ants are one of nature’s most annoying insects, and one of the most far stretching; for instance, did you know that for every one person in existence there are approximately one million ants? That’s a massive number! So when your home is being overrun and you’re not sure what else there is you could do, why not give us a call?? At A1 Exterminating Services, LLC we know exactly how to deal with whichever ant variation is plaguing you – and we do it without being neglectful or confusing to you. So for anyone in or around the Keego Harbor area, you’d be remiss if you didn’t! In this target area, there are two big types of ants that we deal with constantly: carpenter ants and pavement ants. Carpenter ants are larger than pavement ants, are generally lesser in number and are notorious for destroying homes from the inside out. These are the ones you really need to watch out for! Pavement ants are more of a simple nuisance than anything else; as previously stated these guys are large in number, tinier in size and tend to stick towards the sidewalks or stone pathways for their homes – hence their name. They can really be an annoyance towards the beginning of spring, when each colony is looking to expand their territories and scaled-down sidewalk battles can occur. These battles can leave thousands dead on the pavement and are a tell-tale sign that you may have an issue. Carpenter ants on the other hand, would rather create their homes in wood – generally dead or damp wood – so basements or any other unkempt wooded areas could be the perfect home for them. These little guys are one of the major causes of structural damage throughout the world, all because they will chew out entire sections of wood for their use. Because of their uncanny ability to destroy what we create, allowing them free reign simply isn’t an option, and without the proper knowledge you may not be able to rid yourself of the problem without professional assistance. Here’s where A1 Exterminating Services, LLC really shows why our services are unsurpassed: the job itself. Carpenter ants can be a major issue, pavement ants a nuisance; but with years of experience and study behind our backs you have nothing to worry about no matter which species or subspecies you're dealing with. First, we place baited traps. These traps contain a ‘timed-delay’ poison that will be transported by the ants to their queen, taking out the biggest piece of the puzzle to clear out your house. Seventy-two hours after the traps are placed, there’s generally no more problem! Just to keep it on the safe side however, we do lay down both spray and dust chemicals, in and outside of your home. Inside is to ensure your problem is resolved, outside to ensure they don’t come back in. Don’t let ants get in the way of you and a peaceful year; give us a call and let’s figure out just how we can help you today!

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